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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

For the past fortnight, our book theme has been...

Here's the story, read by Zoe, Becky, Rachel & Richa

You can also watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by the author Eric Carle!


Following our Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, here are some songs to sing! Lots of repetition and actions involved and great for all ages!

Fun with Food

Richa & Zoe had a go at making yummy hungry caterpillar cakes! Check out their video to show you how you can make some too!

After reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, why not chose some of the fruit to use in a smoothie! One apple, two pears, three plums, four strawberries, five oranges and one slice of watermelon. Let us know how it goes!

Caterpillar fruit kebabs! Here's an idea for using the fruit from the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Rachel's grandaughter had lots of fun making a fruit kebab! A yummy and healthy snack!

Arts & Crafts

How about making your own hungry caterpillars using play dough! See if you can make some food for them too!

Here is a short video to show you three fun ways to make your own Hungry Caterpillar. Don't forget to send us a picture to show how you are getting on!

Try a simple symmetry painting activity to create butterlies, great for recognising symmetry in nature and developing fine motor skills. You could then send them as cards to love ones!

You need hole punch for this one, but it's such a fun combination of reading the book, figuring out which fruit there are in the book and what they look like, and how many holes to punch through. Why not have a go!

Outdoor activity

Why not use a cardboard box and turn it into a caterpillar’s mouth. Stand back and aim to throw food inside his mouth.

Baby Sensory

How about creating a caterpillar or a butterfly by using your babies and children's feet? You can create a lovely keepsake and your babies/children may enjoy the sensory experience!

Speech & Language

If you're wondering how you can help support your child with using more words, have a look at this video from the Speech and Language Academy! Lots of great tips!

We hope you've enjoyed all the fun Hungry Caterpillar ideas!

Richa, Zoe, Becky and Rachel

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