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Our Vision


‘Helping children and families be the best they can be’

Our Values

Through everything we do, we are united by how we act and what we stand for – our organisational values. These say clearly what matters to us when we’re working with each other, our partners, or people who call Bristol home.

Drawing Time
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We accept personal accountability

  • We are trustworthy and take responsibility for how we act

  • We persevere and ask for help if we need it

  • We are given opportunities to lead and help others do the same


We treat each other fairly

  • We are caring and gracious

  • We treat each other with dignity and stand against discrimination, bullying and harassment

  • We include each other and value difference


We ask questions and explore possibilities

  • We believe that there are always opportunities to do things better

  • We are bold and not afraid to try new things

  • We take time to ask questions and learn from what we have done


We strive to make a difference

  • We are clear about what we are here to do

  • We are enabling and work with citizens, partners and stakeholders to make things happen for Bristol

  • We are committed to wellbeing and create a workplace that everyone can enjoy

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We come together to reach shared goals

  • We take personal and collective responsibility for finding the answers

  • We ask for other perspectives and respect different opinions

  • We make connections and take opportunities to work together

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