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Elmer the Elephant

Once a fortnight, we will be choosing a book that will become part of lots of the online activities that we do!

From bounce and rhyme to stay and play ideas, baby sensory to gym tots, we will be tying in the theme to each group for children of all ages!

Repetition is really important in children's development, it helps them solidify actions, words, language and sequences, which is why we're hoping this will support your learning at home.

We hope that children will be able to engage with these ideas and we're looking forward to seeing how you get on!

Over the last fortnight we used the fabulously colourful Elmer the Elephant to guide us through our groups!

Here were some of the fabulous ideas...

If your children are fans of Elmer the elephant, then you should definitely try this activity. It's a great craft for kids and can also be used as a prop to go along with the story book

If you're feeling especially creative, why not try out some Elmer the Elephant lunch ideas.

Colourful and exactly the kind of thing Elmer would eat! I love the baby bell with the E cut out.

Here are some lovely Craft ideas for our Elmer theme!

If you're looking for some easy and fun ways of getting into sensory play with your baby, why not make up some jelly and pop it on a tray for them to roll in, play with and taste? Why not add some hard toy animals to play with in the jelly.

You can freeze it to increase the sensory input and make up lots of different colours too!

How about using shadows to draw Elmer and his friends? Trace the shadows and add different colours!

Want to be like Elmer the Elephant? Make your own patchwork person!

We hope you've enjoyed all things Elmer!

Richa, Becky, Zoe and Rachel

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