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A letter to our families...

Hello All,

Given the current situation, here’s an update on the support available from the East Bristol Children's Centre team.

Further to national and local guidance we are all working from home. As always, our main priority is to ensure you (our families) remain supported.

Family Support Practitioners are continuing to provide families with support, advice and reassurance. We are keeping in regular contact over the phone and where appropriate via video conferencing. Our aim is that we will continue to provide a supportive service to ensure everyone continues to feel held through what is likely to be a worrying and highly stressful time. 

We are using creative tools through our Facebook platform to keep you all updated and informed, entertained and remaining positive!

If you have any concerns about:

  • Money management, income, finances

  • Domestic abuse / family dynamic concerns

  • Behaviour / routines / parenting / play and development

  • Food bank / baby bank / charity applications

  • Wellbeing / mental health

  • Family changes (New to the area, isolation, new baby)

  • Safeguarding concerns

  • Support to access employment / education / adult learning opportunities

Please get in touch with us on our main contact number 0117 353 2899

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

We are aware that the next few days and weeks will be extremely challenging for everyone, but would like to reassure you that the children's centre service will remain staffed and we will continue to offer support, advice and guidance. 

Follow our Facebook page for updates and information: @eastbristolchildrenscentres

Many thanks,

The East Bristol Children's Centre Team.

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