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We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Over the last fortnight we chose the well-loved book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen to focus on and include in the daily activities we run online.

As we're not running stay and plays in our normal settings, we wanted to base our activities on a book based theme to give families an opportunity to really explore the book in detail and give children the chance to repeat themes, ideas and words around the book. Repeating books over and over again may be frustrating for parents, but it's so good for children's learning...we promise!

Watch the author Michael Rosen read the story online:

Zoe put together an amazing bear themed song sheet which we used for Baby Bounce and Rhyme

Our craft based ideas and activities for We're Going on a Bear Hunt are below:

If you're out on a walk, see if you can find and collect pine cones and acorns (if you're really beady eyed) to use in Richa's amazing craft. 

Another fun idea is to make a map and some binoculars to aid your on your walk!

Go on a bear hunt in your garden or front room!

Find a teddy bear and start your adventure!

Set up a variety of obstacles to walk round as you read the book or enjoy playing in one part of the story. 

Got a box? Turn it on its side, pop a towel or sheet on top and pretend you're going through the wavy grass. If you're feeling super crafty, make song long green wavy grass out of paper and stick it on top. 

Got a fan? Use it as your wind or learn to how to blow, great for developing the muscles in children's mouths. 

Wear wellies to stomp through water, use bowls or trays of water outside. Use a blue sheet or towel outside, you can add frogs or water lillies by finding green socks. Add rocks or pebbles you have at home. 

It's a fab way of children physically taking part in the story, making it real but also extending their own play and imagination. 

Baby sensory ideas!

How about  making some bear hunt themed sensory bottles from the story using resources from around the home or from the garden or when on a walk! Babies will love looking at all the different objects and colours moving around!

Here is a great P.E. activity based on "We're Going on a Bear Hunt"

How about doing treasure hunt for kids? All you need is a map with some places that you can easily hide the teddy. Then some basic steps to get from point A to point B.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Walk backwards 10 steps Do 5 long jumps towards 10 fairy steps Take 5 long steps to... Tip toe all the way to...

Zoe put together some useful speech and language tips, can you make a wavy grass sound? What does the wind howling sound like?

Following with our bear hunt theme, here are some wonderful tips on listening and attention! why not when reading the story or listening to it online name what sounds are in the story and see if your child can make the same sounds or recognise which sounds match which picture?

How about creating a story map with your child and putting the sequence of the story in order! You can use lots of descriptive words to build on their vocabulary! Or practice singing the bear hunt song with a few others based around bears!

Fun food ideas!

Make bear faces on toast! You can use Marmite, peanut butter, cream cheese or chocolate spread! 

Going on a walk and need to take snacks? You could add some raisins and nuts on the side for a little bear snack.  Create this cute little bear hunt snack using banana slices, currants and cereal hoops! You can have your own mini edible bear... see what other fruit or food items you can use to make a bear! 

We hope you've enjoyed the bear hunt theme!

Becky, Rachel, Richa and Zoe

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