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The Gruffalo

Introducing our latest book theme, The Gruffalo, with all its fantastic characters!

Find lots of ideas below - rainy day ideas, outdoor insect hunts and some fun baking and cooking ideas. 

Story time! 

🐭 Enjoy the story and illustrations! 

🐭 Ever wonder how an illustrator comes up with their ideas? 

Watch Axel Scheffler talk about how The Gruffalo came into being!

🐭 Character descriptions..

After reading The Gruffalo story together, see if your child can use descriptive words to describe the characters, themselves or you! Your child can use a mirror to see themselves.

🐭 Reading Challenge

To mark the beginning of Summer at East Bristol Children's Centres, we are doing a Gruffalo reading challenge.

Send us your pictures of reading your favourite books in the most unusual places.

(It is OK if you do not want to show your face, it can be from the side or back)

How about in a reading den? Or in a playground? Get as creative as you can! Here is a picture of Radhika reading inside a card board box.

Make some Gruffalo food! 

🐭 Have fun with food with these Gruffalo claws, you'll need jaffa cakes and almond flakes!

🐭 Gingerbread mice for a rainy day, straight from our book of the fortnight, The Gruffalo.…/cooking-with-kids-gingerbrea… 🐭 How about creating your own Gruffalo crumble!

Have a look at the recipe and please share with us if you make this yummy treat!

Crafts and activities 

🐭 Re-tell the story of the Gruffalo through play. Make up some play dough, grab some odds and ends from around the house and have fun creating your very own Gruffalo. 🐭 How about creating your own Gruffalo or Mouse from the story!

You can use any craft resources you have around the home!

🐭 A fun sensory activity to do at home alongside your baby after reading The Gruffalo.

Put some sand, hard animal toys, large pebbles, sticks or logs in a box for your baby to explore. If you don't have sand, you can use soil, just make sure you pack it in tightly and supervise your baby's play.

🐭 How about creating a Gruffalo game for all the characters from the story!

This game includes drawings, numbers and naming body parts. Have fun!

🐭 Outdoor activities like these can help keep children engaged and motivated. Kids can have fun making a mouse house in the garden or when they are out and about. Find all the resources below!

Oh help! Oh no! It's a Gruffalo! Come to the deep dark wood to discover orienteering trails and giant Gruffalo sculptures, or download our fantastic resources for fun at home.

Plus, this year we're celebrating The Gruffalo's 20th birthday with our free party pack! Search for your nearest activities below, or read on to find out more about The Gruffalo in the forest.

🐭 Gruffalo film

Grab some popcorn and catch the Gruffalo on BBC iplayer.

We hope you've enjoyed The Gruffalo theme!

Richa, Becky, Rachel and Zoe 🐭

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