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"Food Club has made a difference by bringing communities together, breaking down barriers around food and supporting healthy lifestyles" – Zoe McPhail, Family Support Worker, EBCC

East Bristol Children’s Centres in partnership with Family Action run three food club groups across Oldbury Court, Broomhill and Speedwell. Our aim is to provide nutritious food for families and community members at a low price and reduce the amount of food waste across Bristol. The food we receive predominantly comes from FareShare Southwest, who distribute food to a variety of charities and community groups. Morrisons in Fishponds also donate food to our groups and we always welcome donations.

Food Club costs £3.50 weekly, and members are given a range of items including meats, fish, fruit, and vegetables as well as store cupboard items and everyday basics. Food Club has made a huge positive impact in the community, it has engaged families and people across East Bristol. Not only are these members getting food they are also getting a pathway into any support that they may also require. This could be financial, employment or anything family life related.

"I have been involved with Food Club for two years now, I started off providing family support in our Speedwell Food Club and I now provide family support for our Broomhill Food Club. I really enjoy attending the club each week and meeting wonderful members of the local community who are friendly and enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs! I also enjoy being part of a group, which strive to make a positive impact on peoples lives. Food Club has made a difference by bringing communities together, breaking down barriers around food and supporting healthy lifestyles. Broomhill Food Club are beginning to start a community garden in the church grounds where members and volunteers can work on a project together - I am really looking forward to this. Food Club is so much more than just a place to come and help reduce food waste, it’s a place where people can volunteer (we have some incredible and friendly volunteers who really make a difference!) and begin to make connections in their local area. It's a place that can help families who are affected by low income or a place where isolation can be reduced for that day. I am around weekly to provide family support and I am always available for a talk. I hope to be able to continue supporting Food Club to make a positive difference in the community!" – Zoe McPhail, Family Support Worker, EBCC

"My name is Claire, and I am the Family Support Worker based at the Speedwell Food Club. Not only does Food Club provide people with fresh vegetables, meat, and store cupboard essentials, it is also a great place for people from the local community to meet and have a chat over a cup of coffee and a delicious slice of cake. Each week a member of the church bakes a selection of homemade cakes (I would recommend the cheese scone!) and provides tea and coffee for Food Club members, all free of charge! We have some amazing and friendly volunteers who help give out the food and I am always available to talk if anyone needs any support or advice."

- Claire Veasey, Family Support Worker, EBCC


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